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05Decembers, 2017
Whether or not cheap courier service but still quality

Nowadays, the commodity exchange market becomes simpler, with just a few clicks you can get your product right at home without spending a lot of effort. From here, cheap courier services are created to meet the needs of consumers. Because there are so many express delivery services, the service competitiveness will increase.

Express couriers to attract the trust of customers must constantly improve the quality of their services.

Chọn đơn vị cung cấp các gói chuyển phát nhanh uy tín để đảm bảo bưu phẩm của bạn sẽ đến tay người nhận nhanh chóng nhất

Looking for a cheap, yet affordable courier unit is the search demand of many customers


How to choose the unit of courier service cheap but still quality assurance

For customers, choosing a courier service provider to “choose the gold face” in front of hundreds of freight companies as today is not easy, how to determine what is. Carrier companies provide cheap but quality assurance of courier services. Let us review the following four criteria:

Affordable price with quality commitment

When using express delivery service, the company has high quality transportation service which will have good price. At the same time, the unit will have more preferential policies, discount on the occasion of the year to bring the best benefits to customers.

However, high freight rates are not synonymous with good quality of service but customers should learn more about their service to make the right decision. Businesses should not, because of cost savings, choose a carrier that offers low prices because of their poor quality of service, poor quality of transport, poor quality of service incomplete insurance policy.

In addition, you need to find out more about the quality of service providers to make the right decision. You can find out information through forums or consult with people who have used the service at well-known companies. From there, choose the courier service that suits you.


Professional attitude and attentive customer care are the second point to note for the second criterion, through the behavior, the work attitude, the dedication of the employees, especially after the transportation of goods are interested in many people and give the assessment, it is easy to get more information for your reference.

Create trust for customers

By making the commitment to protect the goods, the warranty is tight and tight in the contract. If there are risks in the delivery process, the shipping unit must compensate 100% of the damage value at the market price. Commitment, this policy will ensure satisfactory benefits for customers and carriers, creating professionalism in work, avoiding problems in the process of transportation.

Is the insurance policy and the contract deadline the criteria when you evaluate reputable, quality transport companies? If a reputable company is the most concerned about the contract, the delivery of goods on time, the right way, the prestige of a company is also reflected in the insurance and delivery. The right time in the contract. As a result, transportation companies will also introduce their policies and conditions to their customers. If there are any unfortunate events, they will be compensated to compensate for the damages market price.

Fast, effective method

You can refer to the shipping method for each item in the courier service from the supplier’s website to assess how effective, safe transport, or not. How and who the unit is responsible

Chọn đơn vị cung cấp các gói chuyển phát nhanh uy tín để đảm bảo bưu phẩm của bạn sẽ đến tay người nhận nhanh chóng nhất

Choose a reputable courier package to ensure your package arrives quickly

Phagasa – a provider of fast delivery services, quality assurance

Variety of services: Depending on the needs of customers to choose for the different types of transport goods such as air, sea, road …

Caring customer care, enthusiastic: you will be consulted in the best mode of transportation to save time, costs, business activities.

High-quality transportation system: Phasaga has a system, warehouse, full facilities, high quality, bulk freight forwarder, schedule freight and time. Specifically, to bring convenience to customers using the service.

Commitment to quality of service: All your goods are preserved, transported absolutely safe under the warranty and commitment to strict transport.

Phagasa- cam kết chất lượng, quy trình vận chuyển nghiêm ngặt

Phagasa – commitment to quality, strict transport process

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