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21November, 2017
The international air carrier, professional, prestigious in 190 countries

International Air Transport Service was born to meet the demand for transportation of goods. Therefore, it is necessary to specialize in order to ensure the safety and quality of products

With the expansion of the economy around the world, creating a precondition for cross-country interdependence, international shipping has grown ever stronger. In particular, some items may be referred to as fruit, seafood is currently in great demand

Vận chuyển hàng không quốc tế là yếu tố quan trọng trong việc giao thoa kinh tế giữa các nước

International air transportation is an important factor in cross-country economic exchanges

Advantages of international air transport services

When choosing international airfreight, one of the top requirements of the customer is the speed and safety, although the cost for this service is “better” than the type of transport with other vehicles.

However, with the competition in the market today, there are many service providers with moderate rates as well as the security guarantee of all kinds of goods that customers deposit with the service out the country or in the country.

With a quality service, customers will be assured of the quality of the goods and the time of transportation. You can easily see the order status provided by the service unit.

The Air Freight Service is the fastest and most reliable delivery service available today.

Dịch vụ vận chuyển hàng hóa bằng đường hàng không là hình thức được ưa chuộng

Air Freight Services are the most preferred form of transportation because of their speedy and efficient use 

Note when using international air transport services

Air freight is strictly protected so all customers need to present the goods to be transported, it must be the goods in accordance with the law, absolutely not the goods are banned or other dangerous substances.

Phagasa – a professional international air carrier, a global network of 190 countries

As a specialist in freight forwarding solutions, especially air freight, Phagasa is always at the forefront of the best service with guaranteed quality. In addition, we provide frequent flyer schedules, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and needs.

Internal advantages are available only in Phagasa

Services 24/24 hour including peak time of the year. Price stability, schedule to facilitate customers to track the status of goods and the specific time of receipt.

Customer care team, professional staff, caring, doing the job is delivered quickly and accurately at all stages of receiving orders, consulting services appropriate, quotation, bill making, declaration customs, delivery, invoice, delivery minutes.

All goods are insured value, We are responsible for 100% compensation of damaged goods at market price.

Phagasa has a team of transportation vehicles at all airports, all vehicles are equipped with vehicle positioning equipment to control time, place and continually updated on the system. In the event of an unplanned event, we will notify the customer promptly.

All information about goods and customers is completely confidential.

 Phagasa- hệ thống đại lí toàn cầu có trên 190 quốc gia

Phagasa – A global network of more than 190 countries

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