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Các hãng hàng không chỉ nhận những thú cưng có sức khỏe tốt và không có mùi hôi
05Decembers, 2017
Experiencing the transportation of cats and dogs by plane

Are you in need of transportation of cats and dogs by plane but do not know the requirements and procedures of transportation like? How to charge, how to process? The following article will share with you the information needed to make pet transport simple and easy.

What conditions are required to transport cat and dog?

Vận chuyển chó mèo cần chuẩn bị chuồng theo đúng yêu cầu

Transportation of cats and dogs should be prepared as required

Transporting your cat and dog by air you need to meet the necessary conditions such as:

- Having a veterinary quarantine certificate at the veterinary office of the place of residence, giving a vaccination book for dogs and cats during transportation.

- If a cat or dog is transported abroad, it is necessary to apply for a visa for animals.

- Declare the weight of the pet and container, prepare the animal cages as required. Remember to choose the type of animal shelter, the animal can stand and rotate freely natural, ensure the cage clean, lock, pets cannot escape outside, have enough holes to breathe air. You also need to prepare your pet’s full drink.

- Vietnam Airlines only accepts delivery on cabin with 10 week old cats and dogs, pets and bags weighing less than 6kg, service is only available for business class passengers and platinum members.

- Only transport pets with good health and no foul odors. Poor or pregnant cats or dogs are not transported by air.

Các hãng hàng không chỉ nhận những thú cưng có sức khỏe tốt và không có mùi hôi

Airlines only accept pets with good health and no smell

How to calculate the cost of pet transport by plane?

Shipping charges will be calculated depending on the weight of the cage and the animal. Normally, if the weight is less than 9kg, it will be charged at 250,000 VND, the animal will have the weight from 9-16kg, the fee is 400,000VND, the 16-32kg will be the VND 700,000VND.

Steps to transport cats and dogs

When transporting pets by plane, the following procedures must be followed:

- Preparation: Need to prepare all necessary documents related to the transportation of cats and dogs: immigration, transit permits, quarantine certificates, vaccination preparation on request. , food, water and other necessities.

- Book airfare with checked baggage and prepare the necessary documents including a valid health certificate within 24 hours prior to departure.

- You need to arrive early in the airport to fill out the required information and commit to accepting all risks of injury, illness or death during transportation.

- When you arrive, you receive pets such as picking up ordinary luggage from the conveyor belt.

Chuẩn bị đầy đủ các giấy tờ cần thiết khi vận chuyển thú cưng bằng máy bay

Prepare all necessary documents when transporting your pet by plane

Pet carrier services by professional aircraft

In addition, when there is a need to transport pets, you can refer to the cat and dog transportation services by professional aircraft of PHAGASA LOGISTICS VIETNAM. Customers will always be assured of the quality of service, transportation time as well as satisfaction of reasonable price and professional service spirit of experienced staffs.

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