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02March, 2017

Domestics Services of PHAGASA

PHAGASA LOGISTICS is the most prestigious domestic company current

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Currently,  PHAGASA LOGISTICS is one of the transport prestigious in the field of domestic freightPHAGASA has built a nationwide reputation in the professional demeanor served on time and have the most competitive prices. Currently our company is specialized in domestic cargo receipt with all commodities … is not limited in size and weight.

Freight services in the country of our company helps you make sure the goods are moving quickly with the lowest cost market today. Currently our company receives domestic freight within 63 cities with diverse forms of transportation, to meet the different needs of customers:

+ Get inland freight by road:

Currently, Vietnam’s road has been increasingly expanding current and complete. PHAGASA LOGISTICS - Company north – south freight, we receive domestic cargo via road transport systems contribute to saving the shipping cost and in accordance with each order of each respective agency. You can choose this form of transport if the conditions and short distance transportation of the goods needed in the average.

Get inland freight by rail:

Vietnam’s railway has been operating nearly 100 years. This form of transport is sure the safety of goods. The system is also equipped with railway carriages reserved for cargo should you complete peace of mind about the quality of goods being transported in this form.

Get inland freight by sea:

Fantastic coastline, across 3 regions along the country’s main maritime transport is one of the optimal mode of transport today. But time may be slower than other forms of transport such as the safety of goods to be ensured by the large chamber system and fewer risks when transported onshore. Please contact PHAGASA LOGISTICS for the best solutions.

Get inland freight by air:

The route of Vietnam increasingly is raised, facilitating domestic freight. Currently this is the king of speed in all forms of inland transport. Please contact PHAGASA LOGISTICS for the best support!

What are the advantages of PHAGASA LOGISTICS domestic freight services?

With a mission to become one of the leading transportation in Vietnam, PHAGASA LOGISTICS is always meets the highest expectations of customers in terms of quality and service life. You can fully trust to use the services of our company for the following reasons:

+ PHAGASA LOGISTICS is the best local freight company service quality commitment to customers. Therefore you are completely assured of the quality of goods as well as freight costs of our inland.

+ Besides when using our services. As delivery inland you will receive professional advice of a staff of consultants with many years of experience in the field of transport is. We will advise and assist customers to choose the appropriate form of transport. We will be handling the situation quickly how to best serve you.
+ PHAGASA LOGISTICS is always considered time is money of our customers so we always ensure timely shipping to customers. PHAGASA LOGISTICS is also committed in the course of transportation will ensure the safety of your goods during transport.

+ Thanks to the large orders and relationships with transport units, PHAGASA LOGISTICS gives the customer services inland the lowest freight cost, unbeatable.




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