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Vận chuyển hàng hóa là cầu nối cho sự phát triển kinh tế hiện nay
05Decembers, 2017
Cargo service – bridge for economic highlights

Logistics is an essential necessity for today’s economic development, especially during the “flat world”, all communications, information, and commerce can be easily done on the internet, The exchange of goods takes place continuously with a variety of different forms leading to the development of this type of service.

Vận chuyển hàng hóa là cầu nối cho sự phát triển kinh tế hiện nay

Logistics is the bridge to economic development today

Characteristics of freight cargo services has the following essential characteristics:

This type of service should not be seen, heard, felt …

Quality of service is consistent with many factors.

Therefore, choosing a quality, professional freight carrier is a necessity, which has a significant impact on the transportation process.

Depending on the time, the transportation is not stable but usually fluctuate. For the Tet holidays, service providers are often overloaded and have to mobilize a large transport team to meet customer needs.

The role of Logistics?

Shipping in logistics is the movement of goods from one location to another by human means or by means of transport for commercial purposes such as the purchase, sale, storage or storage.

The movement of goods in the economy is caused by the impact of geographic location, the spatial and temporal disparity, the place of production and the market of supply.

The connection between the supplier and the location of the product

Cargo is the premise for the development, expansion of the market of enterprises. Transportation does not increase in volume, but increases the value of the item in the supply chain.

Transportation is one of the necessary content of logistics in enterprises have a direct impact on the value and competitiveness of enterprises.

Trao đổi lưu thông hàng hóa, tiền đề cho sự hợp tác và mở rộng thị trường cho các doanh nghiệp

Exchange of goods circulation, the premise for cooperation and expansion of the market for businesses

Which unit to choose for the transportation of goods?

Nowadays, there are so many shipping companies growing up that you do not know what is the best choice for you? As a long-standing company with operations in over 190 countries in the field of international freight, Phagasa is your top choice.

Known as the leading provider of freight services, Phagasa has the widest range of cargo handling needs around the world, with a variety of ways to meet our customers’ needs. , strictly regulated by law.

Three simple steps to use the service from us.

Step 1: Contact us via hotline 028 – 629 50 111, customer care will get information and specific instructions for each customer.

Step 2: Carry out the inspection and packing for you. Then we will take all responsibility for the customs procedures to ship to you.

Step 3: Once the recipient has received the goods, we will notify you. In the course of transportation, if there is a change of time, we will notify the customer quickly.

What will you get when using Phagasa’s services?

Save time and money

Phagasa understands that time is a valuable asset for every customer, committed to ensuring fast, timely delivery.

Phagasa offers competitive prices to the market and regularly launches promotions and discounts for customers using regular services.

Efficient: Every customer using Phagasa’s service will easily track the status of the goods, ensuring they are delivered to the recipient, without any confusion.

Professional service, experienced staff

We have representatives in over 190 countries with years of experience, well trained, how to handle situations quickly to constantly develop and serve you best.

Ensure safety, keep quality for goods

We classify and use the appropriate options for each type of goods, equipped with the most advanced items for the goods in the process of transportation.

Đến với Phagasa để trải nghiệm những dịch vụ tốt nhất

Come to Phagasa to experience the best service

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